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Emma Peter

PhD Student

Emma works to understand the epidemiology and distribution of African Swine Fever virus in domestic and wild pigs

About Me

Emma Peter is a lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture. She works as a full time lecturer in the department of veterinary microbiology and parasitology that is under the faculty of veterinary medicine. Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Laboratory Science from Sokoine University of Agriculture and a master of science in one health molecular biology from the same university. Her research interest area covers molecular studies of viruses that cause diseases of economic importance. Her masters project was focused on screening and serotyping of foot and mouth disease virus in animal-wildlife interface areas in Tanzania.

Emma is competent in molecular based techniques including conventional PCR, real time PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA and RNA extraction, purification and quantification and genome sequencing.

Screening, characterisation, and complete genome sequencing of sylvatic and outbreak African Swine Fever virus in Tanzania

Thesis Research Project


To date, there is no treatment or vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF) that has been proved to be effective despite the many efforts done by scientists worldwide. There is also a very big gap between what is known and what is not known as far as the spread and maintenance of the disease is concerned. Under the supervision and mentorship of Prof. Lughano Kusiluka, Dr. Gabriel Shirima, Prof. Gerald Misinzo and Prof. Sarah Cleveland, I will contribute to the knowledge on ASF in Tanzania that will be used to come up with evidence based control programs that may help improve the situation in the country.

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