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Rhoda Aminu

Rhoda is improving surveillance and diagnostics for anthrax in Northern Tanzania


About Me

I am currently a PhD student undertaking research focused on improving surveillance and diagnostic assays for anthrax in an endemic area of northern Tanzania.

Development of Surveillance and Typing Schemes for Anthrax Epidemiological studies in Endemic Areas

Thesis Research Project



My current research investigates anthrax and helps to develop better surveillance of the disease in an endemic area. Anthrax has negative impacts both directly and indirectly on people’s health and livelihoods. Little is known about the impacts and determinants of this disease within these communities. Underreporting and non-diagnosis is common and there is limited understanding of Bacillus anthracis strain diversity circulating in the area. Supervised by mentors at the University of Glasgow and Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, I will achieve the following: a) Improve capacity for anthrax surveillance through community engagement and enhanced communication to assess the disease situation, b) develop an understanding of anthrax-risk areas and local practices that put people at risk, c) develop and implement improved detection assays suitable for settings with limited diagnostic infrastructure.

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